Almost every day, we hear about new malware, viruses and trojans attacking systems making them vulnerable. As a result, you may lose your data, identity, and networks. With a number of Antiviruses available in the market, it’s difficult to choose which one to choose for the best protection.

Every Antivirus company claims to be the best but most of them fails miserably. You always need an antivirus which is capable of removing the latest harmful threats and provides you complete security at an affordable price.Our AVG vs Avast comparison will definitely help you in selecting the appropriate antivirus. We are going to compare two of the most popular Antivirus Software i.e Avast and AVG.

AVG vs Avast Feature Comparison


Feature AVG Avast
Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware YES YES
Web Browsing Protection YES YES
Home Network & Router Security NO YES
Spying and Data Theft Protection YES NO
Windows Boot Time 33s 28s
Cost (1 Year-1PC) $19.99 $24.99
Download download-avg download-avast

Now we will cover some important features in detail

User Interface

Winner: Avast
Avast’s Simple user interface provides a better user experience as compared to AVG’s interface. Avast has an easy to navigate interface where you can select Smart Scan for all kinds of security, privacy and performance issues.


AVG has a complex user interface which shows green tick marks when you’re protected. Ticks turn red when an issue if observed. Scan Now button is not easily visible. For Fix now, you need to download other utilities to complete the action.




Both Avast and AVG provides excellent protection against malware.
Avast scans for virus in your pre-installed apps and system settings. On installing new software, it automatically scans for malware before installation. Avast Internet Security automatically notifies you against phishing.
With AVG Antivirus Security, you can perform scans manually or at automated intervals. AVG scans your Apps and storage partitions for virus. It also secures your web browsing by notifying against Phishing.

Cost and Popularity

Winner: Avast
If you’re looking for an affordable antivirus, then Avast is cheaper as compared to AVG. AVG’s 1-year protection for 3 PCs cost around $30 whereas Avast is giving the same in $28.With Over 200M active users, Avast is protecting more number of people a compared to AVG. Even on Facebook, Avast is leading. However, AVG provides security at a cheaper rate if you want software for only 1 PC.


Often we do not pay attention to security unless an issue arises. So it’s better to protect before you connect. AVG and Avast are equally good at providing a robust protection to your system. Features like automatic scanning make AVG winner and features like Simple user interface, cost etc. make Avast winner. Depending on your Protection needs, you can go with the desired Antivirus software. If you are looking to opt for one, our AVG vs Avast comparison must have helped you.  Let us know which one do you like by commenting below