We have done multiple tests to check AVG internet security software functionality. It was proved to be reliable with only few minor issues. We are going to discuss what happened when we tested the software.

First, we had infected some PCs with malware (including adware, viruses, trojans, and more). Then we activated AVG internet security and run the scan to see whether it removes them all or not.
It did a great job for most of the infected part.


The results are given below

* No malware was found after the reboot, on any of the PCs.
* Our browsers were not hijacked anymore by the adware.
* Threat-removal really worked great. No threat was found after activation of the security program.
* Anti-phishing: most of the phishing sites were blocked.
* Unfortunately missed out some phishing sites.

Here are some features of AVG



A good firewall is always required for your PC. We have performed several tests to check whether the firewall is efficient to block the hackers from accessing the PC. The results were great. We have turned the firewall on and tried getting into the Pc from another network but we were not successful in breaking up the firewall.

Data Safe


This feature is very helpful for businesses. As they have important and private files which should be kept hidden. By activating this feature you can hide your private files from intruders. The folder which is protected can only be accessed with the help of password which you have set before protecting the files.
Note: You need to remember the password otherwise you won’t be able to access the files.

WebCam Protection


It protects the illegal access of your webcam. Hackers might hack your webcam and see everything which you do in front of your PC. After the setup of AVG security, it will just give permission of accessing webcam to the trusted applications like Skype.

Web Shield and Email Shield


The easiest way to get into someone’s computer is through emails. By sending harmful attachments like zip folder with emails, hackers may get into your PC and steal the information or corrupt your PC’s data. Email Shield scans each and every email and its attachment and blocks the harmful emails.¬†This shield protects the PC from threats and prevents your PC from slowing down and data corruption.

Ransomware Protection


The attacks of ransomware were increased by about 300% in 2017. That’s what the reason is to add this feature in the latest version. We have tested this feature and it also worked better than other ransomware protectors.

Technical Support

Also, a company should provide good service to its customers. If any customer faces any issues with the installation, uninstallation or any other issue at that time you can visit the site and chat with their representatives or else call on their Toll-free to get the Technical support. The technician will share the screen and after that you don’t need to do anything, they will fix all the issues with AVG Internet Security software for free.


After performing all the tests and looking at the performance of this security software we can say that buying this will be a good choice to protect your computer from viruses, threats, malware, and hackers. The product also comes up with reasonable price.

Well AVG has better security features that are required by user but there is another powerful security software which has same & additional functionalities i.e. Norton security software.

So which security software you are going to purchase, comment below