AVG Ultimate is one of the best and solid security suites for those who have many devices. As compared to other security software available in the market, AVG Ultimate is better than others as the combination of Internet Security feature and Tune-Up can secure and protect all the devices as well as boost up the system performance. And the other best part of this is that it has already included the price of PC Tune-up in it.


This tool is very easy to setup and very useful for diagnostics, but for a home-user it can be quite scary to see how many connections a running. But it runs very fast and scans the whole device very quickly. There are several types of system scan, including external storage devices like USB/Flash Drives, Hard Drives etc. Like the anti-spam shield, the boot-time scan needs installing by clicking its button. The idea is that it will scan your hard drives/discs the next time the computer is booted up, and runs before Windows starts up.



AVG Ultimate Security Features:

    • All in One Package: Comprehensive package bundling both Antivirus and PC Tuneup utilities.
    • Flexible Storage: It provides flexible storage for your sensitive files.
    • ZEN Dashboard: The AVG Zen dashboard allows monitoring of the health of all connected devices.
    • Spyware and Malware Protection: The Internet Security component provides full ransomware protection as well as private data protection and payment protection. One of its new features includes Secure DNS to protect against fake websites which redirect.
    • AVG Ultimate Detection and Removal Tools: Since being acquired by Avast, Avast’s CyberCapture technology, a Cloud-based file scanner that offers protection against zero-day threats which can remove them without having to touch them on a local system. This package also includes some artificial intelligence real-time detection tools which have been designed to block potential viruses, trojans, and ransomware.
    • AVG Firewall Protection: The Firewall protection feature of AVG hides the system ports from those outside the home network. In addition, the firewall security also blocks popup notifications.
    • Unlimited installs: With one subscription, you can install it infinite times very affordably.
    • Android compatible: AVG Ultimate is Android compatible. It doesn’t support ads which make it better than other software.
    • Automatic updates: Just set the system to update automatically and keep your system protected always.
    • Camera Trap: AVG Ultimate provides you protection against camera trap by hackers. It is a very useful tool for your privacy.
    • App Lock: This feature allows you to set passwords to certain apps you want to lock or not share with others.
    • Anti-Theft: Anti-Theft technology makes it easier to locate your device and keep it protected in case it is stolen.
    • Cloud Integration: You can share data on multiple platforms securily with cloud integration.
    • Wi-Fi Security: Protect your Wi-Fi and passwords with AVG Ultimate Protection.
    • Remote Management: Manage your websites easily through a protected server.


If you are looking to secure and boost up your devices then AVG Ultimate is all you need. Robust security features at an affordable price makes AVG a clear winner in the segment. Tell us about your experience with AVG Ultimate Protection in the comment section below. Also let us know if the given AVG Ultimate Review helped you?