Your computer always needs an optimization when it starts running slow. PC Tune up or PC Optimization can be done many ways. You can either perform manual optimization or use tools to do that. Did you ever try the best PC optimizer tool available for your PC ? If you search for best PC optimizer tool on the internet, you will see a huge list of optimizer tools but you have to download the best among them which can be fully compatible with your computer. As per our Technical Experts, we suggest our customers to have either AVG PC Tuneup or Watchdog PC Cleaner as they are well tested.

AVG PC Tuneup

AVG PC Tuneup can easily eliminate unnecessary files and clean the registry. It also rearrange and manages programs. It is a very popular Tuneup software and it cleans the parts of your PC that many other optimizer tools can’t.



There are two versions available. The Free version is accessible for 30 days only and later you can upgrade to the full version which is a paid version with all the features. It adds real time protection and performs the cleanup schedule. It removes the temporary files, getting rid of browser caches, removing unwanted cookies.

If your PC has started running slow and sluggish then you can use our one of the best PC optimizer tool i.e AVG PC Tuneup.


Watchdog PC Cleaner

Watchdog PC Cleaner is also rated as one of the best PC Optimizer tool for windows computers. It includes all the required features to keep your computer running fast, smooth and error free.

Clean & Repair Registry errors:  Watchdog PC Cleaner’s Advanced Registry Detection Technology automatically detects and removes or repairs corrupted registry files.

Protect from Crashes & Freezes: Watchdog PC Cleaner also fixes corrupt system files, missing DLL files, errors, applications installed on PC and more. As a result, you do not face random computer crashes and freezes related issues.

Disk Defragmenter: After extended use, a computer’s registry and hard drive becomes fragments as numerous files are getting downloaded and deleted everyday. Because of that it become the cause of slow performance of the computer. Then this feature of Disk Defragmentation is needed as it makes the Hard Drive and Registry defragmented.


Start Up Manager: You can use its Start-up manager tool to easily select which files to open during your computer’s startup process. The start-up manager makes this process easy by allowing you to simply click which programs are to be started during a computer’s boot up to make the boot process faster.

Quick Scan: Through this option you can choose which specific area you want to scan and clean. You can chose the external drives, desktop, library etc. just to make a fast scan.


There are many PC optimizers available in the market. Most of the optimizers contain harmful malware software which can affect your system’s performance. Always choose a trusted and secure optimizer to enhance your system’s performance. Watchdog PC cleaner and AVG PC Tune up  provides you complete protection along with boosting the speed of your computer. Install these awesome utilities and tell us about  your experience in  comment section.