DSLRs and digital camera, in general, don’t come in cheap, in fact, they are quite expensive and what is more expensive than the camera body is its lens. A good quality camera lens can easily cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Extended warranty keeps your electronic devices secure in case of a mishap. Spending a few bucks on getting an extended warranty can help you save hundreds of dollars in repairs later.

Extended Warranty Purchase Protection Camera DSLR

What will happen if your treasured Nikon D4S malfunctions or breaks, would you spend a fortune on getting it repaired or will you let the extended warranty take care of it for you? The choice is yours.

Why choose Risenest

The #1 Rated Complete Protection Plan

The #1 complete protection plan backed by the Google reviews of happy customers.

Protection from Spills and Drops

Spill on it? Drop it? Run over it? No worries, we cover accidental damage caused by you or others.

Protection for Everyday Use

Camera repair can be a quite costly affair since the parts don’t come in cheap. Repairs can cost as much a buying a new device itself. With Risenest, we got you covered including parts and labour.

A Perfect Extended Warranty Plan

Will my camera remain covered under warranty once repaired?

Indeed, your device coverage will continue until your contract expires. However, if your camera is replaced or the total cost of repairs meets maximum liability your device coverage will end.

What is not covered under this plan?

Full water submersion, intentional damage, drops over 6 feet, and lost or stolen cameras are not covered in the warranty.

Can a refurbished camera be covered under warranty, when will my device coverage start?

Yes, refurbished camera devices are eligible for extended warranty. The warranty period starts as soon as the seller warranty for the device expires.

I have a manufacturer warranty on my camera. When does my coverage start?

Your extended warranty coverage and contract begins the time your device’s manufacturer warranty ends.

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