If you are looking for an antivirus to purchase, maybe the Bitdefender  family pack 2018 is your first choice. It is an effective and trustworthy antivirus for your windows, mac, ios and for android also. It has different versions such as antivirus plus, internet security, Bitdefender  total security.

Key Features


  1. It provides complete data protection for all your devices against threats like Trojans  ,worms, rootkits, ransomware, malware, spyware and virus.
  2.  It also alerts when the certain app tries to access your webcam, thereby preventing webcam leak.
  3.  It uses a technique/mechanism called behavioral detection that closely monitors active apps and if there is a suspicious one it takes an instant action to prevent the virus. 
  4. It has an inbuilt VPN that encrypts all your internet traffic
  5. It protects from anti-phishing,anti-fraud,anti-theft
  6. It also comes with the social network protection and alerts the user when some malicious link has passed through social media.

Parental Advisor

With the parental advisor, you can keep an eye on your child. If your kid uses a laptop, mobile, you can set as a child profile on Bitdefender central. Then install a parental advisor app child’s device. It will help you in communicating with a child, also check what he is doing and even track his/her location.

It helps to keep the track of your kids activity, you can even check the web history, it also shows how much time your kid is online. You have also an option to block the websites. It helps u in communicating with the child, also what he is doing online and even track his/her location.


There is no limit to the number of can install the security suite as many devices you need. It comes with a package of three: total security, antivirus for mac, mobile security. if you purchase all three individually, it will cost a lot.

But, a Bitdefender family pack 2018 is available at just $99.95 only with all the three features. I think it was a great deal. Isn’t it??

Bitdefender Family pack 2018

Bitdefender Mobile Security

To ensure complete protection for your android smartphone,you should try thr Bitdefender  mobile security.the features provided by bitdefender are quite different.As soon as you installed,it prompted to enable permission so that the antivirus can quickly scan the apps,files and folders in the sd card. The scan was quite fast.

Anti theft and app lock of the Bitdefender  are quite for an android devices this features would be available only if you install two seperate apps, but the bitdefender made that easy too.It’s not only about the lost phones,but it also provided

The security from the intruders trying to invade the lock screens with multiple fail login security.

Final Verdict

Bitdefender  family pack 2018 is a complete security solution for your devices (windows, mac, ios, and android).it provides multiple layers of protection through ransomware, and many others. On Mobile devices, it brings all the security and privacy feature. The anti-theft feature is good and you also get a free VPN to access content anonymously. In the end, this software is effective enough to protect your household devices. To make it simple it’s better to install software like Bitdefender family pack 2018 and use it through your satisfaction.