BullGuard Premium Protection is a solid security suite that protects you from all types of virus, malware, and other latest online threats. It is great security with some nice parental control and identity protection features. Bull guard adds network protection, an enhanced firewall, and strong antivirus. It protects your computer better than the basic security that is included in your operating system.

Features and Interface

  1. Network Protection: It also included network protection that monitors all the device connected to your network for threats devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. After installing it automatically adds the new home network scanner.
  2. Identity Protection: It scans the entire web for your username, password, and another important credential. Whenever your registered details are made public, it immediately alerts you through email or SMS. But this feature is only available for US, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, and Netherlands residents.
  3. Social Media Protection: Bullguard also offers social media protection. it scans every link that has passed to you through social media platforms.
  4. Discrete parental Control: Parental control helps to monitor the children activity during online. It helps to keep the kids safe over the internet. The parents can easily block suspicious websites and implement filters to stop them from searching for the things that could be damaging. Moreover, you can limit the time limit of your children on the internet.

    bullguard premium protection
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  5. Strong Antivirus: Bullguard premium protection can effectively detect and remove all types of virus, and other online threats. it features multi-layer protection that is virtually impenetrable. the new improved features include an enhanced firewall behavioral detection and robust protection against rootkits.
  6. Vulnerability Scanner: A firewall and vulnerability scanner are the two most important features that are essential for malware protection. These two features monitors weak spots in your systems like your internet connection and outdated software, which can be easily hacked.
  7. Game Mode: It also includes a gaming mode that you have to enable it manually. This feature stops the virus scans and blocks pop up notification while you in the game. When the software is in gaming mode, it also protects your computer against various online threats.
  8. Backup: Bullguard directly backup from software to your Dropbox account. It is very useful in managing and sharing file safely. You can simply select the files or scheduled automated backup. These files are encrypted with password manager that is not stored by Bullguard- so that your files always remain private. It also offers you 25 GB of free backup.
  9. PC Tune Up: It removes unnecessary files and free ups memory space so that your computer runs always at optimal speed. It runs automatically so that you don’t need to do anything. You can disable some apps that run automatically when you start the computer. It also detects duplicate files in your system so that you can delete them easily.
  10. Spam Filter and Link Scanner: Bullguard spam filter clean spam, phishing, and foreign language fraud from your inbox automatically. Bullguard check all the links that come up in your search result and on your facebook page and block the malicious links and websites.

    bullguard premium protection

Pros and Cons


  1. Simple interface
  2. Informative home network scanner
  3. Identity protection
  4. Parental Control
  5. Free 25 GB backup space


  1. The password manager is missing
  2. VPN is missing
  3. Identity protection is limited to some states

Bullguard premium protection

Bullguard Premium Protection has all the features that are necessary for your PC Security. It includes disk scans, vulnerability scanner, home network monitoring, parental control, and backups. All over the protection is solid, the interface of the program is easy to understand and has a reasonable price.