Panda antivirus pro is an antivirus protection with URL filtering to block malicious links and websites. The package includes two – way firewall for antivirus protection, an ‘application control’.

The system to define exactly which programs can run on your pc and more. Panda offers many packages of antivirus such as panda antivirus pro, panda dome advanced, panda dome complete, panda dome essential which is available at different prices with different offers.


Panda antivirus pro has a free 30 days trial. You can buy and install the software at very ease.

Setup is straightforward, compatible software, no complicated options, no lengthy downloads or compulsory scans. Even we don’t have to reboot the system.

Panda antivirus pro is none of those tools which installs and then immediately demands to be updated, either. It has cloud-based technology that doesn’t need regular bulky signature downloads, so once installed you can simply leave the program to do its work.

In terms of getting up and running, the closest we can get to a complaint is the omission of any form of the first-launch setup wizard, something to say ‘this function is here, that function is there, go here for help.’ But experienced users will probably figure that out quickly enough on their own, and overall Panda’s simplicity is probably the best approach.


Panda antivirus comes up with some good features.

  1. Application control: If you enable application control, then panda doesn’t let unknown programs to run without your permission. You can also set it to block unknown programs without asking.
  2. Network type: When Panda’s firewall detects that you’ve connected to a new network, it asks you to identify the network type, Home, Work, or Public.
  3. Programm control: By default, Panda allows programs to make outgoing connections to the network but blocks unsolicited incoming connections.
  4. Intrusion prevention: The intrusion prevention component blocks very specific types of network attacks but doesn’t attempt to block attacks that exploit security vulnerabilities.
  5. Virtual keyword: You can use the virtual keyboard to enter passwords without any risk of capture by a keylogger. The decoy cursors feature prevents a screen-scraping spy program from detecting which keys you clicked.
  6. Android support:  You can use one or more of your licenses to install Panda’s full Android security suite, which offers quite a bit more than the expected antivirus and anti-theft components.
  7. Anti-theft: From Panda’s online anti-theft console, you can locate, lock, or wipe your Android device, snap a photo of whoever is holding it, or make it sound an alarm.
  8. Theft alert:  If someone tries to unlock your device three times, without success, Panda sends you a photo and a map of the device’s location.
  9. Web of Trust: WOT browser Add on protects you from online scam and warn you before entering unreliable shopping websites. In 2009, WOT, now known as TOW made partnership with Panda Security to provide surfing safety to users.
Panda Antivirus Pro

Pros and cons


  • Anti-Theft, Theft alert
  • Android support, Easiest setup
  • Virtual keyword
  • Program control, application control
  • Intrusion prevention


  • Limited URL blocking
  • Can affect system performance
  • Problems restoring files from quarantine
  • Unclear pricing & packages.

Final verdict

Panda Antivirus Pro is a likable product which is easy-to-use and features an accurate antivirus engine along with some useful extras. Parental controls, password managers, spam filters and system vulnerability scans are only available with Panda’s other internet security programs and not with Dome Essential.