Panda Dome is a robust security program that automatically accumulates the latest threat detection techniques from the other users who have installed the program. This helps in detection and protection against new and unidentified threats.

It provides a comprehensive security feature for Windows, Mac and Android devices. Panda Dome Advanced offers flexible subscription offers to protect your system at an affordable cost. Panda Dome requires minimum system requirements to meet your specific needs.

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Panda Dome Advanced has got some amazing features which we are going to discuss below along with the positives and negatives of this user convenient security system.

Panda Dome Advanced Features

Smooth Interface

The home screen carries all vital virus scanning tools along with a few additional options which are customizable. The simple scroll bar ensures everything is easily accessible. In the home screen, there’s a box saying “Improve your Protection” that brings up another screen.

Real-Time Protection

Nowadays most of the antivirus software come up with Real-Time protection which acts as the first line of defense. In the AV-Comparatives, Panda performed superbly with 100% of viruses tested.

Safe Browsing

Panda offers a dedicated inbuilt safe browsing option. However, this feature didn’t perform effectively to counter-attack phishing threats.

Wi-Fi Protection

If you use public Wi-Fi option often, this feature will definitely secure you while using the unprotected network. Panda’s VPN layer adds an effective layer of protection when connected to Wi-Fi. It also enables you to monitor network activity on public Wi-Fi networks and also an access to everyone’s information.

Personal Firewall

Panda Dome’s personal firewall adds a strong level of security to your device. You can customize the level of protection needed selecting your location.

These are a few basic Security features in Panda Dome Advanced protection.

Here are the Positives and Negatives


  • Strong Real-Time Protection against online threats
  • VPN Tool for a safer browsing experience
  • Web Monitoring feature
  • Lightweight in size
  • Automatic USB protection


  • Advertisement pop-ups
  • Slower Installation process
  • Safe browsing option isn’t powerful

Panda Dome is a good security suite offering Real-Time Protection. This impressive security suite is available in many versions which enables you to choose the best protection for you. We recommend this amazing security tool for a safer experience.