Trend Micro Internet security is one of the most effective internet protection available at an affordable cost equipped with amazing features. Trend Micro offers various valuable plans to its customers by which you can secure up to 5 devices. Over the last few years, Trend micro has managed to gather a fair amount of users through their up to sniff services. It is a powerful antivirus software that can effectively detect viruses and resolve efficiently. TrendMicro Internet Security Download is a convenient process and you can get the software by clicking on Link below.

Download Trend Micro Internet Security

Before that, Let’s discuss features of Trend Micro internet security:

Trend Micro Internet Security Features

Robust Antivirus Protection

The Titanium main console extracts security status report of your computer quickly. It allows you to view the status of protection, details of software, account information and required online help to resolve the issues.

Social Network Protection

Social Networking Security scans the twitter feed and facebook wall automatically. If a threat is observed, it highlights the threat in red and safe links in Green. Trend- Micro’s cloud-based smart protection network infrastructure analyze the link behavior and keeps your social network secure.

Parental Controls

Titanium Parental Control enables parents to limit their children’s activity on internet 24/7. There is a huge range of settings to choose from for different age group. Different settings can be created for each member of your family.

Data Theft Protection

TrendMicro prevents spyware and hackers from stealing important information like passwords and card numbers. It stops confidential data from going into web pages and chats.

System Tuner

System Tuner improves system’s performance by recovering disk space, cleaning registries and removing instant messaging logs. Set up a regular schedule to Tune-up your OS and optimize PC performance.

These are some important features of this comprehensive internet security software. It has an easy to navigate simple design. You can add devices from the home screen itself.


Trend Micro internet security is an adequate and convenient security software that is capable of keeping your whole house protected from online threats. It protects effectively against malware and phishing and has a built-in parental control too. It has useful social media security features which make this a must buy software.