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McAfee Internet Security 2018 – 1-Year / 1-PC – Global


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Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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McAfee Internet Security 2018

Get the top most security with a very high & accelerated performance and help to keep you safe from viruses, spyware, trojans, malware, and hackers. Basically, McAfee Internet Security is a complete security package and it includes the features like anti-virus, privacy protection, PC optimization, web protection, and WiFi network monitoring & security,  personal firewall, QuickClean and Shredder, SiteAdvisor, and Vulnerability Scanner. There is a feature called Real-Time Scan, which helps you to keep your security active all the time.


Features & Benefits of McAfee Internet Security

  • Antivirus Protection: McAfee Internet Security provides a very high level of security protection and uses the same scanning technology found in all other versions of the McAfee software, matching files against known malware. The protection is always up to date just because of its automatic update feature.


  • Security and Privacy Features: McAfee Internet Security includes few extras features which are essential and needed for its Windows & Mac users. McAfee Internet Security has its own firewall protection for all kind of devices. While macOS includes its own firewall security to stop unwanted applications from connecting to risky or phishing websites, McAfee Internet Security also offers its own for Mac users.


  • Performance & PC Optimization Tools: It automatically, identifies software in need of updating by checking the version on your PC against our database using Vulnerability Scanner. It deletes unnecessary temporary internet files that slow down your PC with McAfee QuickClean tool. There is another tool called McAfee Shredder, that help you to securely destroy sensitive files such as tax documents, bank statements etc.


  • Parental Control: Using this feature of McAfee Internet Security, you can choose content categories to block and set a schedule for Internet use for each child according to their age category. An activity report is also available. It does display a list of all the blocked & allowed categories, with arrow buttons to move items back and forth between the lists so that you can manage it your children’s age-wise.


  • Webmail-Aware Anti-Spam: Like parental control, the anti-spam component’s needs to be configured manually after the installation of McAfee. McAfee’s spam filter integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird and automatically filter the spam or junk email messages in their own folder.


  • McAfee QuickClean: It deletes unnecessary temporary internet files that slow down your PC with McAfee QuickClean tool. You do not have to manually go ahead and select a particular folder to check for the temporary files or unwanted files which are left-over while uninstalling a program. This tool automatically checks for all unwanted temporary and left-over files and delete them securely.


  • Disk Defragmenter: There is no any such tool by McAfee, it just provides the easy access for Windows Disk Defragmenter. The Windows Defragmenter is basically a Microsoft tool that helps you to improve your PC’s performance by consolidating fragmented files and folders.


  • McAfee Shredder: When you are deleting the contents of your Recycle Bin and Temporary Internet Files folder using this tool, the deleted information cannot be recovered. This is the best tool to delete the entire contents of any removable drive, including external hard drives, writable CDs, and floppy disks.


  • Wi-Fi Protection: This security provides a high internet security protection as well. Its Two-Way Firewall security tool monitors and stops in and out traffic of your PC trying to get connected to suspicious servers and known Botnets.


  • Web Protection: This feature helps you to make smarter decisions about what to browse, what you click, and protects you from malicious downloads and phishing websites.


  • Network Manager: It automatically monitors your home Wi-Fi network even when you’re not at home. It blocks unknown devices from accessing your Wi-Fi in order to prevent you from others on your internet usage. This feature is badly needed when you do not have any Wi-Fi Password on your network. McAfee Internet Security provides Active Protection technology and always offers essential PC Security.



License Information
License TypeNew License
License Term (Months)12
System Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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