Google Adiantum | New Encryption | Encryption For Budget Smartphones

Google has launched new encryption for the budget smartphone which is called “Adiantum”. Adiantum is titled after the species of the maidenhair fern. This will be an optional part of the Android configuration.

Google Adiantum | New Encryption

At late night of February 7, Google wrote in its security blog section that in order to make sure all devices are encrypted Adiantum is a variation in cryptography, which is planned to provide area encryption more efficiently without cryptographic speedup. Adiantum specially designed to run AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) in cheap Android smartphones. Currently, Android devices do not have enough processing energy to operate the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Google wrote in its blog “Adiantum allows us to use the ChaCha stream cipher in a length-preserving mode, by adapting ideas from AES-based proposals for length-preserving encryption such as HCTR and HCH. On ARM Cortex-A7, Adiantum encryption and decryption on 4096-byte sectors is about 10.6 cycles per byte, around 5x faster than AES-256-XTS.

Google Adiantum | New Encryption
XDA Developers

Advanced Encryption Standard runs slow in cheap Android Systems that is why application takes more time to launch. Users don’t like this slow processing.

Google Adiantum is the best solution for this, It will also be worked for less-powerful devices like smartwatches, smartphones, and TVs. It will make user experience is much better.

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