Social media are a very popular platforms. And almost most of us use them too on a daily basis. Due to its immense popularity, sometimes social media passed into hands which have bad intention. Many issues we have seen all over the world that account hackers like twitter, Facebook, and Gmail account so we have to very important for us to know about social media security tips. So let’s start with the types of threats on social media.

Types of threats on Social Media

Social media sites like twitter and Facebook are often used to spread malware and virus. The reason behind for this issue is the increasing popularity of shorter links. The short URLs make it difficult to find whether it is safe or a malicious link. Not only this, social media becomes the ground for bad practices like identity theft, phishing attacks, information leaks, spamming, etc.

5 Social Media Security Tips for 2019

You can safely browse on social media with these simple social media security tips.

Unique Password for each Network

Many people used a single password in social media networking like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and other social platforms. If you are using a single password, hackers easily hack all your social platforms and when you open any social account you see the account was locked, so it is very important for you to avoid a single password and must use a unique password.

social media security tips
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Avoid Accepting Fake Request

At Social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Gmail, fake people create a fake account and this fake ID user is being a virus for your device. To ignore these fake request, you have to stay alert when you using social media platforms. If you have some security software, then it will alert you before clicking on malicious or fake request.

Privacy Settings 

Make sure your social media is not public. If you have a public account then anyone can view your email address and phone numbers. You can adjust your Facebook privacy settings so that your posts are visible to your friends and friends of friends. You can enable it on twitter, Instagram and on Snapchat as well.

Social Media Security Tips

Check your photos 

When you are sharing a photo on social media, you checked out another photo that you want to not share. Get assured you are sharing only what you want to share.  Avoid sharing of personal information on the web.

Download Security software

This is one of the best to be secure over the social media platforms. Security software has many advantages.Some of the best security software are AVG Internet Security, Avast Security, ESET Smart Security. These software secure your social media account with password manager. Moreover, these software detects and block malicious links that have passed through social media security tips


It is important to notice that to protect personal privacy this is the responsibility of both users and Social Networking Sites to command security at their level. As requisite social networks must provide user proper facilities for their support and security. If you are really concerned about personal then considered an identity protection software. You can be secure by staying alert and adopt few smart practices.