Google has deleted 29 Beauty Camera app from play store which was affected by malware. Those applications were sharing the adult content and also sending the personal data of users to fishing websites in order to steal the data. According to the reports of Trend Micro (Cyber Security Firm of America), Some of those Android beauty apps have been downloaded millions of times and among of them the maximum number of users were from India.

Beauty Camera Apps
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According to the reports, those applications have been removed from google play store. Also, it is also reported that if a user has downloaded those apps, then it will not be suspicious that there is something wrong with these apps till he does not uninstall them from the smartphone. Whenever a user unlocked his phone, such apps show many full-screen advertisements on the screen. Those advertisements include fraud malware advertisements and adult content. It is like the pop-ups ads.

According to reports, through the analysis, a paid online adult player is automatically downloaded by clicking on these pop-ups ads. None of these applications show that who is behind these advertisements, due to this situation users feel uncomfortable and insecure. Some of these apps redirect a user to fishing websites where their private information is taken from the users. These beauty camera apps use packers so that they can not be investigated.


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