When it comes to a robust antivirus software, Avast is a brand name ruling the industry for a long time. With multi-level protection, Avast premier got a fine score in various AV Tests.

Avast has included a Ransomware Protection feature to counter the unethical activities increasing these days. When an unknown file is detected, it needs your approval for its legitimacy.

Avast Premier is a successor to Avast Internet Security with a few added security features. Data Shredder and Automatic Updates are the two main features differentiating it from its inheritor. Avast Premier has got some amazing features at a slightly higher price. We will discuss these features in detail below. Avast offers you a wide range of products to choose from. You can download the products from link below.

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Avast Premier Features

Data Shredder

Most of us didn’t know that a file can be recovered even if it is deleted from Recycle Bin or deleted permanently. Forensic Recovery software can recover the tracks of the original file by which it is possible to create a replica.

avast data shredder

Avast Premier has come up with a comprehensive data shredder which will permanently remove a file and it can not be traced by any means in future.

It is very useful for security purpose as hackers can access your system to find your important stuff.

Software Update

avast software updator

Almost every single software requires a timely update so that you can get the best of them. Also, with changed or updated processor and OS versions, versions of a software vary. To ease this process, Avast Premier has added a handy Software update feature that automatically updates the software.

Webcam Protection

You will be shocked to know that hackers can hijack your camera. They can access your webcam without your consent and even you wouldn’t have an idea that someone has an access to it.

Webcam Protection by Avast Premier shields your webcam as it adds a security feature so that nobody can have an access without your authority.

You can even disable your camera so that nobody can even attempt for a hijack. You can enable it later when you feel to use it.

Ransomware Shield

Hackers can hack your system and demand for a mammoth ransom. To add a security layer to them Avast keeps your important files from being encrypted. Only trusted apps can alter your important files.

Intelligent Antivirus

Last but not least, an intelligent antivirus detects and blocks virus, malware, ransomware, and phishing efficiently. To stop threats before an attack, a smart analytics is used by Avast.

Smart Scan fills the voids created by which malware can slip in.

Users can also give inputs about problems they face with a solution so that others can come to a solution easier. It also helps Avast to counter new threats which are often unidentified.

Avast Premier is a complete antivirus software that is not only capable of protecting your device from viruses and malware, it also has extra security features which are important for firms.